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Case Study : Mandalay

Property Case Study

Generating appropriate media coverage for a home is a cost effective, complimentary strategy that can further drive the success of real estate advertising campaigns. Traditional methods of creating buyer interest can be limited in scope due to space and cost, and often get lost in the sheer size of the market. A well devised media campaign can effectively showcase a property by expanding upon interesting details. Property based public relations lends itself to telling the story of a home and can provide considerable advantage in a glutted or difficult market.


Mandalay on Musgrave, a modern Asian style ‘hill resort' with sweeping and uninterrupted ocean views, had been on the market for two years with no success.

The property was unique in offering not only a main residence, but also potential income derived from the one and three bedroom guest pavilions that adjoined in the compound style design.
Other features included luscious tropical gardens, a distinctive library and reading room, and a reputation as a creative hub in the art world.

Considering these exclusive features, the property was priced well within the market. However, problems stemmed from historical price perceptions of the area. JKPR embarked on a campaign that quickly achieved a record price at auction for this prestigious property.

JKPR ask a flat fee of $ 2000.00 - $3000.00 per domestic property campaign for which they generated many times that in editorial value for the Mandalay campaign, ultimately resulting in the rapid sale of the property.